Monday, July 22, 2013

Drab to Fab Chair

I am redesigning my master bedroom.  I had a big over-sized chair which was comfy but the color was not working.  I was thrifting one weekend and spotted this chair.  It was the right size.  I have never reupholstered anything other than an occasional chair seat.  I hesitated buying it.  My daughter finally talked me into it.  She has more confidence in me than I did.  It was a steal at $25.00.

Next I searched for fabric.  I didn't want anything too busy.  I am decorating in blue and white with yellow as my accent color, but that could change.  I wanted something that would blend in, in case I change my mind about the yellow.  I found a nice fabric in navy and white.  I might go with just blues, so this worked out perfectly.

I started by taking lots of pictures when stripping the chair.  The hardest part was removing the gazillion staples.  My husband was out of town that week, so it was left to little ole me.  It took me days to finally get the chair ready for the new fabric.

It actually was a lot easier than I thought.  I was really worried about making the cushion cover.  I took the old cover apart and used it as a pattern.  It was my first attempt at piping.  I wasn't able to salvage the old zipper.  When finished, I added the foam back into the cushion cover, holding my breath the entire time.  It fit!!!

Then I made double welt trim.  This was another first for me.  I did purchase the foot needed for my machine.  I found plenty of tutorials on how to make double welt with a regular foot, but had tried it once and it didn't look too great, so decided to buy the right attachment.  It was well worth the investment.

I also painted the chair white.  I am so glad I bit the bullet and listened to my daughter.

I'm so happy with how the chair turned out.

Until next time........

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