Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ribbons Finally Organized

How do we accumulate so many spools of ribbon?  While trying to organize my craft room, one of my concerns was how to get a grip on my growing mound of ribbons.

See what I mean?

I browsed pinterest hoping to find a solution.  I had too many spools to use a paper towel holder.  I would need at least 10-20 of those.  Then I would be faced with another dilema.  

I have a long curtain rod (extends to 102") I wasn't using.  I nixed that idea when I realized how wide it would need to extend to hold all this ribbon.

The spools were the problem.  They take up a lot of room.  They had to go.

I took some card stock and made these holders.  

It took me a full day to transfer all the ribbons to the cards.  Didn't realize it would take so long, but then again, I had a lot of ribbon.

I found the perfect box at TJ Maxx.  I was really surprised it held all the ribbons and I still have room for a few more.  Yes, I will probably buy more ribbon.  You can never have enough ribbon, right?  

I love the box, but not so much the design on the lid.  No problem.  I covered it with this sweet paper. 

I'm still amazed that I was able to get all that ribbon into this box.  I was stressing about getting it under control.  So, how do you organize your ribbon?

till next time...


  1. I'm thinking I need to get organized... I've got to get my 'crapft' together. :) I like this idea.

    ...pinning it, Pat

  2. Just discovered your blogs and enjoying your views and ideas.
    Recently retired and looking to organize a lifetime of STUFF. Thanks for the encouragement that it can be done.